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Information about Your file converter

We would like to buy your software that converts pdf files in txt format. We are interested for software can also convert files TIFF format and doc format in txt. you have this product? and what is the cost. The … Continue reading

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Questions regarding DOC2TIFF and more

Hi VeryDoc I have read about your product and have some questions: Is MS OFFICE/WORD needed for the tool to run? Is open office document format supported (the can be opened by MS OFFICE 2007 (.odt)) What about Excel sheets, … Continue reading

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pcltoolsdk usage: font mapping problem, pcltoolsdk font substitution

The company I'm working bought the pcltoolsdk library. Now I'm trying to use the font mapping file (-mapfont option, as you suggested me many months ago). Here's a little example of it: [MapFonts] Number=1 EmbedFont=0 [MapFont1] PDFFont=URWGothicL-Demi WinFont=Arial In this … Continue reading

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htmltools.exe Permission Problems when call from ASP.NET source code

I purchased the command line server product of HTML to PDF Converter and I am having a problem I need help with.  My application creates a series of .rtf files with each file containing a page for a carrier access … Continue reading

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Problem of PDF to Image Converter, unable to convert PDF to TIF file

Please find below our original order for the PDFtoImage SDK.  I understand our support period has expired and you can’t spend much time helping us without that, but I was hoping if you could quickly examine the attached PDF and … Continue reading

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