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question: pdf2txt removes whitespaces in some PDFs ?

I find your pdf2txt.exe utility very useful and fast too, congratulations. Before ordering I would like to make sure I can find a solution to the following problem: with certain PDF files all white spaces are removed whether I use … Continue reading

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Problems of PDF printing

Ive been very pleased with you software. I use stamp and print, but a couple of questions. 1) I use pdfprint from my program and run it via a dos command xApuOhjPolku = '\\progress\'. xPdfPrint = '_pdfprint\pdfprint.exe "-$" "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"'. xPdfprint … Continue reading

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Returncodes / exit values from pdf2img. exe

I'm trying to integrate pdf2img in java code, using java.lang.Runtime.exec() Runtime run = Runtime.getRuntime(); Process p = null; try { p = run.exec("\"C:\\Program Files\\VeryPDF PDF2Image v2.1\\pdf2img.exe\" -m -i C:\\test.pdf -o C:\\test.pdf.tif"); int salida = p.waitFor(); System.out.println("exitValue: " + salida); } … Continue reading

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docPrint Document Converter Command Line

I'm using the document converter via command line. But I'm having the following problem. When we are generating a document from a .doc to a .pdf simultaneously, the doc2pdf.exe and pdfcp.exe get queue and won't generate any document, is there … Continue reading

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HTML2PDF and PrintHTMLBackground=yes

running the command line: html2pdf "%CD%\testbackground03.htm" "%CD%\testbackground03.pdf" "PrintHTMLBackground=yes,KillProcess=no,doc2pdf_service=yes" The tool is installed as a service. The pdf file does not have the background color as specified in the original html file.  I have attached both the html file and the … Continue reading

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