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Query regarding the saving of PDF file

How we can use the VeryPDF htmltools.exe to save the PDF file (converted from html) at client machine instead of web server? Please send an example to do so. Waiting for your response. ============================= Hi, Thanks for your message, this … Continue reading

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Call PDF Editor OCX from VB.NET application

I′m testing your VeryPDF pdfocx.ocx for our purposes and wonder how to get the button events of the toolbar as working in your "testpdfocx.exe". I′m using VB.Net. =============================== Thanks for your message, you can refer to the source code of … Continue reading

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htmltools.exe doesn't support "page-break-before: always;" during HTML to PDF conversion?

I'm ask the following questions help 1. when I run the command by the view below does not open and displays the following box: htmltools.exe -debug -view "-$" "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" "%CD%\TESTE.HTML" "%CD%\OutMy.pdf" acrobat failed to load Core DLL. 2.how can I … Continue reading

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Save PDF after filling with data

Product:  VeryPDF Form Filler SDK Developer License 3.1 After filling-in a PDF form with data from the back end database, we would like the recipient be able to edit and save the PDF with changes. Presently, the software we use … Continue reading

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Cannot compress TIF file by VeryDOC Doc2Any

Hello, I have a problem with doc2any.exe. No matter what combination of compression i use, i cannot get TIF to compress. doc2any.exe -useprinter -compression 5 -xres 300 -yres 300 c:\temp\convtest\mediolanum.pptx c:\temp\convtest\mediolanum.tif even if i set compression to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 the size … Continue reading

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