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Use html2pdf.exe to convert xls to pdf

I have installed all the stuff to do the conversion. When I do a html2pdf.exe « C:\abc.xls » « C:\abc.pdf », it goes on my printer and does not create any file on my hard disk. Do you have any … Continue reading

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I can’t print from Word to PDF file correctly

Well, we still have the same problem... The client will not allow any remote connection to the server, as it's a production server... As I mentioned before, if I print to the "PDFcamp Printer" from any application, the appropriate PDF file gets … Continue reading

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Does VeryPDF PCL to PDF Converter retain fonts, lines, shading, etc. during conversion?

Okay, I am not currently using any of your VeryPDF PCL to PDF Converter products. I am wanting to know if it will do what I need it to do before I buy it. I am using a text based … Continue reading

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What option should I choose to convert PDF to Word?

Gentlemen: I just bought your VeryPDF PDF to Word program, but when I convert a Piano Music Book I get strange results. Which option should I choose from the menu to get good results? Thank a lot for you kind … Continue reading

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Question about creeping offsets in VeryPDF PDFStamp Command Line

More questions from testing: -1- I’m using VeryPDF PDF Stamp Command Line product, the arguments -P6 and -MTB-17 work as anticipated for single text line watermarks.  That is, the bottom of the text is 17 points above the bottom of … Continue reading

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