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The margin can change and the location can move by use of verypdf pdf editor

At the bottom of “verypdf pdf editor” there are three versions about pdf file’s margin, divided into small, medium and large, the large version reach to full screen, and the order of these three versions displayed in verypdf pdf editor … Continue reading

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How to print Access document to PDF

There are various methods for you to print  Access document to PDF file via VeryPDF  docPrint Pro. If you don’t have one, please  go to download it from www.VeryPDF.com.  This article will mainly introduce  how to print multiple Access documents … Continue reading

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A method of converting a document of mhtml to emf?

MHTML stands for MIME HTML (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Hypertext Markup Language), which is a html page archive format initially created for Microsoft Internet Explorer by Microsoft. A mhtml file contains all the required media for displaying a web page … Continue reading

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Convert PDF file to text file in reading order

Hi, I have a problem converting text files by pdf2txt. In order to demonstrate this I attached 2 text files: 1) Converted by pdf2txt:  page0144_by_pdf2txt.txt2) Converted by acrobat reader v.9: page0144_by_adobe_acrobat_reader.txt3) Screenshot of pdf page 144 The original pdf file … Continue reading

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How to adjust the rectangle in pdf file by use of verypdf pdf editor?

Adjusting the rectangle is the same with adjusting other figures, this is an interesting work. When we choose “Rectangle Tool” in “Add rectangle”, the cursor will immediately change into a cross figure, then you need slide your mouse with pressing … Continue reading

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