Advanced PDF Tools Bulk Process

just bought Advanced PDF Tools.

I'm trying to load about 30 k files to process, but app hangs (Windows XP Pro 64bit, SP2, 8Gb RAM).

Is there a files limit?
Our product hasn't file size limitation, can you please email to us your sample PDF file and your Order ID (if you have)? after we checked your sample PDF file, we will figure out a solution to you shortly.

My issue is related to the number of files I drag and drop on APT. I'm trying with about 30.000 files with different sizes.

I'm able to load only 8.000 files at one time.
"30.000 files" is a too many amount, Windows List control may not show so large files at one time. However, we suggest you may download Advanced PDF Tools Command Line product from our website to try,

you can use Advanced PDF Tools Command Line product to process any number of PDF files at one time, for example,

pdftools -i C:\*.pdf -o D:\*.pdf -k "keywords" -t title -s subject -l c:\err.log

You can also use following command lines to batch convert all of your files at one time,

#1: Convert all PDF files to new PDF files in D:\temp folder,

for %F in (D:\temp\*.pdf) do "C:\VeryPDF\pdftools.exe" -i "%F" -o "%~dpnF-new.pdf" -t title -s subject

#2: Convert all PDF files to new PDF files in D:\temp folder and sub-folders (recursion),

for /r D:\temp %F in (*.pdf) do "C:\VeryPDF\pdftools.exe" -i "%F" -o "%~dpnF-new.pdf" -t title -s subject

//You can do something in .bat file, but you need use "%%" to instead of "%" in .bat file,

for %%F in ("D:\temp\*.pdf") do "C:\VeryPDF\pdftools.exe" -i "%%F" -o "%%~nF-new.pdf"


I've found a workaround, I have split the collection into 10k files batches. It works.

Is there a way to cancel the initial view options? I had to reset to default values. It seams not possible for all the options.

Thank you,
You can use following command line to reset the initial view options, for example,

pdftools -i C:\*.pdf -o D:\*.pdf -b "UseNone"



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