Advanced PDF Tools support Adobe Acrobat 10 PDF files

Thanks for the offer of PDF Optimizer. I will check with our accounting to finalize the purchase process. I have a few questions?

Does PDF Optimizer supports the PDF files that generated by ADOBE Acrobat version 9 and ADOBE Acrobat version 10 ?

Since the Advanced PDF Tools can't linearize PDF documents very well, what will happen next year As long as we renew our license for Advanced PDF Tools Command Line you will give us PDF Optimizer ?

You mentioned that PDF Optimizer and pdf tools are supporting the pdf files that are generated by ADOBE 10.x

>>Does PDF Optimizer supports the PDF files that generated by ADOBE
>>Acrobat version 9 and ADOBE Acrobat version 10 ?

Yes, it is.

As you can see below PDFtools generated a corrupted file test123.pdf from contrat david alexandre 2011_no fast.pdf .
Also pdfopt simply failed and did not generate the linearized pdf.

I was wondering if you have a new version of pdftools or pdfopt that can handle Adobe 10.x PDF file ? If not when are you going to support ADOBE 10 ?
C:\Documents and Settings\irisadmin>pdftools -i "D:\Arun\contrat david alexandre 2011_no fast.pdf" -o "D:\Arun\test123.pdf" "-!" "True"
D:\Arun\contrat david alexandre 2011_no fast.pdf ==> D:\Arun\test123.pdf

C:\Documents and Settings\irisadmin>pdfopt "D:\Arun\contrat david alexandre 2011_no fast.pdf" "D:\Arun\test123_opt.pdf"
C:\Documents and Settings\irisadmin>

(See attached file: test123.pdf)
(See attached file: contrat david alexandre 2011_no fast.pdf)


Please put pdftools.exe and pdfsdk.dll into same folder, then pdftools.exe will able to process your Adobe 10 PDF files properly, please to try.


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