Batch convert all TIFF files in sub-folders to PDF files

To whom it may concern,

I’m currently using VeryPDF Image2PDF to convert a large number of small TIF files into PDFs. I’ve not had any luck getting the application to process them how I’d like. My data is basically organized like so:

D:\Data Files\
D:\Data Files\0\
D:\Data Files\0\a.tif
D:\Data Files\0\b.tif
D:\Data Files\0\c.tif
D:\Data Files\1\
D:\Data Files\1\d.tif
D:\Data Files\1\e.tif
D:\Data Files\1\f.tif
D:\Data Files\2\
D:\Data Files\2\g.tif
D:\Data Files\2\h.tif
D:\Data Files\2\i.tif

I want to tell the application to go into D:\Data Files\ and for any TIF, create a PDF of the same name, in the same directory the TIF is in. I’ve tried the ‘convert multiple directories to multiple PDF files’ option, but I ended up with 0.pdf, 1.pdf and 2.pdf, instead of a, b, c, etc. Convert multiple image files to multiple PDF files runs, but I don’t see it creating any PDFs in 0, 1, or 2. I haven’t figured out where they’re going yet, but there are a bunch stored.

I’ve kept “Save to original directories with corresponding filename” checked the entire time, as it’s a nested structure, and I have way too many to do, to want to do them by hand.

Is there a way to have it scan recursively through all the data in D:\Data Files\ and leave PDFs of the same name wherever a TIF exists?

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.
Thanks for your message, we suggest you may use the Image to PDF Command Line product to do the batch conversion, Image to PDF Command Line product can be used to do this work easily, for example,

The following command line will convert all TIFF files in D:\temp folder and its sub-folders (recursion) to PDF files, place output PDF files to same folder as original TIFF file,

for /r D:\temp %F in (*.tif) do "C:\VeryPDF\img2pdf.exe" -o "%~dpnF.pdf" "%F"

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