Convert PDF file to small Flash SWF files

please could you help us with problem during the conversion in PDF to Flash.
Some text in the swf document is poorly converted.

In the attachment I post original pdf file and result swf file.

Our licence of pdf to flash is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

We use these parameters
pdftoflash.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -as3 -mapfont -swfburst2 -enablepv2r -swfimagequality 70 -swfimagezoom 1

Thank you for your help
Please run following command line to try, you can use following command line to convert your PDF file to SWF file at high quality,

pdftoflash.exe D:\temp4\Obsah.pdf D:\temp4\Obsah.swf

our goal is to have the smallest output file size, so we try to convert everything (shapes,pictures,vectors) to the background while maintaining the quality of the text, that is important to us. We need the text was still text.

without parameters are some output files too big ( 1 - 1,5MB)

thanks for your help
Please run following command line to try again, the following command line will create a SWF file at 118KB to you,

pdftoflash.exe -as3 -mapfont -swfburst2 -swfflatten -swfmaxopt -swfimagequality 70 -swfimagezoom 1 D:\temp4\Obsah.pdf D:\temp4\Obsah.pdf.swf


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