Converting Word Doc File to PDF Issue…

Here is the software you requested and the licensing information.

The web site does not specify a version number for the software. Please let me know once it is installed if it has a version number and what that number is so that I can complete my documentation.
We just purchased the Doc To Any Converter after testing the evaluation version.
I tested the evaluation on one machine but loaded the licensed version on another machine.
The evaluation version worked just fine but now I am getting the following message on the machine with the licensed version:
I click "No" and the following dialog is displayed...and I verified using the Task Manager that the no other instance of Word is open.
and when I click empty PDF file (4 kb) is created.
When I open the PDF it displays the following.
Any ideas of what may be causing this?
This problem is caused by your MS Word product, we suggest you may uninstall and reinstall MS office to try again, then you will get it work.

Here is another issue...
When I make a call to the doc2any.exe to convert a doc file, it leaves an instance of Winword open in memory.
Function Doc2AnyDOCtoPS(strFileIn As String, strFileOut As String)
  Dim shell As Object
  Dim strConvert As String
  Set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
  strConvert = "C:\Workdir\DocToAny\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe" & " " & strFileIn & " " & strFileOut
  shell.Run strConvert, 1, True
End Function
I need to call this function in a loop to convert doc files and the function leaves an instance of Word open for every conversion.
Please advise...

Please add –killoffice parameter to kill office process after conversion, for example,

doc2any.exe -killoffice 1 "C:\in.doc" C:\out.pdf

The "-useoffice 0" option also worked.

Thanks for your great information, yes, "-useoffice 0" option does not use office to convert DOC to PDF file, so it is work fine too.


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