Font folder problem in PCL to PDF SDK

first of all I wish to thank you very much for supporting me in these
little troubles (for both the pdf2image sdk and for pcltopdf one!)

I tried to use the -fontfolder parameter, and worked quite fine.
I also noticed the file mapfont.ini and thought that it could be
useful to alter the font mapping used to produce the pdf. So I tried
to modify it using very different fonts from the old ones, but the
pdf doesn't have the font I've substituted!

Here's a little example:

In the original mapfont.ini file, I found this mapping:

WinFont=Arial Black

in this entry I substituted the PDFFont in this way:

WinFont=Arial Black

the garamond font is in the font folder.

The pdf I produced has no differences between before and after the substitution!
I also tried to use the -mapfont option, but I don't know how to do it!
Can you help me again?

Thank you in advance.
Thanks for your message, where did you found the mapfont.ini file? Are you using the PDF2Vector Command Line product now?

This mapfont.ini file is a special function for another customer in
the past, that customer want to replace special fonts during PDF to
SWF conversion, so " -mapfont " option is only work when you convert
PDF file to SWF files, it doesn't work during PDF to PDF conversion.
For example, it does work by following command line,

    pdf2vec.exe -mapfont -swfburst2 -swfflatten -swfmaxopt -swfimagequality 70 -swfimagezoom 1 C:\in.pdf C:\out.swf

However, if you wish replace the fonts in PDF files, we can provide a custom-build version of PDF Font Replacer product to you at additional cost, if you are interest in this solution, please feel free to let us know, we will provide a quotation to you shortly.

probably there has been a little misunderstanding.
The company I'm working for (LAND SRL) bought 2 sdk from you:
pdf2image and pcltopdf.
When I talked about the option -fontfolder I was referring to the
second one, the pcltopdf sdk.

I noticed that in the conversion (pcl to pdf),  your sdk substitutes
some fonts with some others which are too different from the original
ones, so I need to tell the sdk to map fonts in a different way. Can I?
If not, tell me how to do it (or how much it costs, hope not 🙂 ).

In the package I downloaded from your site  (pcltoolsdk) I found the
mapfont.ini file and the test-replacefonts.bat script, which calls the
-mapfont option. So I tried to use mapfont.ini file and -mapfont
option, but nothing new happened.

Moreover, the last one (-mapfont option) is not documented at all, so
I'd like you to send me a complete documentation of all the options
available and how I can use them.
Thank you again for supporting us.
You can use following command line to test the mapfont.ini file,

test.exe -mapfont default examples\verypdf1.pcl verypdf1-replacefonts.pdf

you can also run " test-replacefonts.bat " file for test purpose.

You can refer to the source code of test.exe in "C++" folder.

I tried it, but I still don't understand how to change the mapping.
If I modify one of the mapping entries in the mapfont.ini file, for instance




my expectation is to create a pdf with the Coronet font in place of the NimbusRomanNo9-MedIta font (I tried this substitution with the examples\verypdf1.pcl with the following command line: "test.exe -mapfont default examples\verypdf1.pcl verypdf1.pdf"), but nothing happens, the output pdf is the same, and in the font properties there is still the NimbusRomanNo9-MedIta instead of the Coronet font!
That's my problem, everything I change in the mapfont.ini file doesn't seem to affect my output. In other words, the command line you suggested me doesn't seem to be useful.
Can you help me? Can you give me some examples about how to modify the mapfont.ini?
Another question  (the latest :)): why should I use the value "default" for the -mapfont option?
Thank you very much in advance.

You can change from,




Then you will able to use " Coronet " font in the new PDF file.

"default" option will load default mapfont.ini file, however, you can also specify the file path for mapfont.ini file, for example,

test.exe -mapfont "C:\my-new-mapfont.ini" examples\verypdf1.pcl verypdf1.pdf


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