HTML to image conversion tool

With regard to the utility advertised on your website, can you please confirm whether this supports the following HTML for conversion to image:

1. VML
2. SVG
3. Canvas
Our docPrint Pro v5.0 can convert VML, SVG, Canvas, Flash, Javascript, etc. elements from HTML file or web page to image file, docPrint Pro v5.0 can be downloaded from following web page,


"C:\Program Files\docPrint Pro v5.0\doc2pdf.exe" -s PrintHTMLBackground=1 -s ShowHTMLStatusBar=1 -l 10000 -i -o C:\


We have used the trial version of your html2image tool and this meets our immediate needs, so I intend to purchase a license shortly.

However in the longer term I would like to be able to handle SVG, VML & Canvas as mentioned in my previous email. However I don’t have time to integrate DocPrint-Pro at the moment. Therefore, if I license html2image now, will you be willing to allow me to “upgrade” my license to DocPrint-Pro instead in future, i.e. refunding my expenditure on html2image so that I only need to pay the price difference ?  Please note that in future my intention will also be to purchase either a developer license or several server licenses.
Yes, this is no problem, after you purchased HTML to image conversion tool, you can pay price difference to upgrade to docPrint Pro product in the future, that’s no problem.


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