Need to preserve PDF/A mode in PDF Tools COM

We recently noticed that if a PDF has been saved in PDF/A, upon saving it the PDF/A mode will be lost.  Can an update be made to "respecting" the PDF/A mode for both the 32 and 64 bit versions?  Thanks.

After "cleaning" the .pdf file
Can you please let us know what functions were you used to clear the properties? Did you call the Save() function to save to a new PDF file? If possible, please email to us your sample code and PDF file in question, after we reproduce your problem in our system, we will figure out a solution to you asap.

Looks like the DeleteMetadata  method removes the PDF/A setting

Sub test()

    Dim Opdf As PDFSDKCOMLib.pdftools
    Set Opdf = New PDFSDKCOMLib.pdftools
    Opdf.Open "C:\TestPDFAFile.pdf"   ‘’’<<< Has PDF/A at this point
    If Opdf.IsOpened = False Then
        MsgBox "Open PDF file failed."
        '''MsgBox "Open PDF file successful."
    End If
    Opdf.Save "C:\NEW.pdf"    ‘’’ <<< Does not have PDF/A

End Sub
Yes, you are right, PDF/A format MUST contain Metadata, if you wish delete the Metadata, the resultant PDF file will not comply with PDF/A spec, please understand this matter.

Once you store a PDF file to PDF/A format, you can’t delete summaries or metadata from it again, the modification operation will damage PDF/A format, the summaries and metadata are protected by PDF/A spec.

OK, thanks for the clarification,  PDF/A has become important to our clients and we are fairly new to it as well.

So we are thinking we may need a new property to the COM object that lets us know the document is in PDF/A format (. IsPDFA ?)

Secondly, we’ve noticed that when we get properties from a PDF/A document aren’t returned properly. In example, in the PDF I send you, the "title" is "test.docx" but If Opdf.Title reports blank. Is it possible to get the correctly value returned?
Yes, we can check if a PDF file comply with PDF/A format or not, but the result may not accurately, if you want verify the PDF/A file accurately, you can use "Preflight" option in "Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended" product.

If you need a CheckPDFA() function, please feel free to let us know, we will add this function to you shortly.

Yes, PDF/A format does store the information in /Metadata section, it doesn't store the information in Document Summaries section, so we can't read the /Title from some PDF/A files.

If possible, you can also email to us the sample PDF file in question, after we checked your PDF file, we will come back to you shortly.

Yes, we would like the CheckPDFA()  functionality.    Are there any other document properties that cannot be read in some PDF/A files?  Is there any way to read (but not write I would suppose) these values? 
We have created the 64bit version of Advanced PDF Tools COM to you, please download it from following URL,


the new version does contain CheckPDFA() function, you can call it to check if a PDF file contains PDF/A or not.

The current version of pdfsdkcom.dll can't read all information from PDF/A files, because these information are all store in /Metadata, they are not available in /Info section, please understand.

However, we can develop a new function to you to read the document properties from /Metadata section at additional cost, if this solution will accetpable to you, please feel free to let us know, we will provide a quotation for this function to you shortly.


Did you crank a 32 bit version with the CheckPDFA function?

We just checked and the 64 bit version doesn’t have this CheckPDFA() function either.  Perhaps you sent us the wrong set of files?  And the close function did get renamed, but we did make our own updates for that as well.
I’m resend this package to you again,


after you unzip it to a folder, you can run following two command lines to register them,

regsvr32.exe pdfsdkcom.dll
PDFSDKCOMExe.exe /regserver
the new version does contain CheckPDFA() function, you can call it to check if a PDF file contains PDF/A or not.

You can use OLE Viewer application to check the methods in PDFSDKCOMExe.exe, please refer to following screenshot, PDFSDKCOMExe.exe does contain both CheckPDFA() and CreatePDFA() methods,

If you still can’t see it, please create a remote desktop account on your test machine, after I logged into your test machine, I will research this problem for you shortly.

pdfsdkcom.dll is a 32bit DLL, it contains the 32bit CheckPDFA().

PDFSDKCOMExe.exe is the 64bit COM, it contains the 64bit CheckPDFA() function.

You can call pdfsdkcom.dll or PDFSDKCOMExe.exe from your code easily.


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