PDF2TXT COM object registration key question

I purchased the COM object version of PDF2TXT today and have received my registration key by email. However, that email is unclear as to HOW to use the registration key. Ordinarily, when one runs a program that is in trial mode, there is a choice to register it, either at startup or under the “Help” menu. However, this being a COM object, I don’t see any place to enter this registration key.
Can you send me more detailed step-by-step instructions?
You should received a purchase confirmation email from our agent, that email contain your registration key, if you haven’t received it, please use following key to register PDF2TXT SDK software,

//Please register PDF2TXT SDK by following license code
int iRet = PDF2TXTEx(pdffile, textfile,0,0,NULL,NULL);

PDF2TXT SDK Download URL is:


After you set your License Key by PDF2TXTSetLicenseCode() function, you can use PDF2TXT SDK without any restrictions.

Please RE-READ my question (below). I DID receive the purchase confirmation email, I just do not UNDERSTAND   ***WHERE**** I am supposed to enter this registration key.

There is no dialog box, etc. in which to enter this. I do not see a program that I can run to register the component. Where do I type or enter this license code? Simply saying “Please register by following license code” does not contain the step-by-step instructions I asked for. Perhaps it will be clearer if I explain I am planning to use this in an ASP environment, where there will be ASP code on a web page that calls this object, converts a PDF file to Text, and then allows the web page to use the converted text file for data.

Are you saying that the web page must have a function on it to register the SDK when the page runs? The line beginning “int iRet =” looks as though it belongs in a Javascript environment. Is this a javascript code snippet that must be present and run somehow each time a page referencing the pdf2txt COM object is needed? Our ASP application uses VBScript, not Jscript. 

If so, the syntax provided is not in ASP/VBScript format.

I’m not trying to be difficult, but it’s obvious from the emails I receive from VeryPDF that English not the primary language of your support team. I certainly appreciate that language difficulties exist and I know English is not the only language in the world, but this product and its documentation are sold in English and it would be nice if the writing were clearer to avoid this kind of issue, and it would be even nicer if clear, simple instructions were included. I’ll even make you an offer – if you can please help me get this working in the environment I have described, which your website indicates is supported, then I will offer to write clearer instructions for you to use in your licensing instructions.

Thank you,
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you, please download PDF2TXT SDK package from following URL,


you can unzip this package to a folder, you will see a “pdf2txt_asp” folder, this folder will let you know how to call PDF2TXT COM from ASP code, please refer to following steps,

>How to use PDF2TXT COM Component in ASP/VBscript language?
1.Please put pdf2txt.dll,encryptpdf.dll and PDF2TXTEx.dll to the system32 directory, (The PDF2TXTEx.dll file can be found in the pdf2txt_asp\asp_vb_dll directory) For Example:
    Copy pdf2txt.dll C:\windows\system32
    Copy encryptpdf.dll C:\windows\system32
    Copy PDF2TXTEx.dll C:\windows\system32

2.Please register PDF2TXTEx.dll library, for example,
  regsvr32 C:\windows\system32\PDF2TXTEx.dll

3.You may use following codes to use PDF2TXT COM from your ASP/VBscript code.
 dim oTest
 dim nRet
 Set oTest = Server.CreateObject(“PDF2TXT.CPDF2TXT”)
 Response.write “Create Object Success!”
 oTest.com_SetTXTFormat 1
 oTest.com_SetZoomRatio 90
 nRet = oTest.com_Pdf2Txt(“C:\sample1.pdf”,”C:\sample1-pdf2txt.txt”)
 nRet = oTest.com_Pdf2TxtEx(“C:\sample1.pdf”,”C:\sample1-pdf2txtex.txt”,0,0,””,””)
 Response.write “Convert Success!”

4.Then it’s OK.

You may also run the “install_for_asp.bat” file to do above work.

If you are using 64bit system, you need copy all DLL files to syswow64 folder instead of system32 folder, and set “Enable 32-bit Applications” to True in IIS Service, then you can call “PDF2TXT.CPDF2TXT” from 64bit ASP code properly.


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