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I downloaded the trial version of docPrint 5.0 and in the process of running some tests. I'm converting mdi files created from Word documents into Windows metafile and wanted the output to come out as 576x576 dpi metafiles but not able to do so even if I enter that specification on the Resolution field. It always creates  599x600 dpi.  I'm interested about the product but need to know if this is possible? Thanks.



Metafile is the vector format, when you save to EMF format in docPrint v5.0 product, docPrint will ignore the resolution value which you input in the docPrint Save As dialog.

If you wish change the resolution in EMF file, please refer to following screenshot, you can change the resolution in docPrint Printer Driver directly,

after you changed the resolution in docPrint Driver, please print a document to docPrint, then you can save to EMF files with new resolution.



However, I've been playing with this and could not get the wmf file created by docPrint 5.0 to match the dimensions of what I wanted. See attached samples--I need the same properties of CG00011204.wmf but not able to get it with docPrint output (CG000101204_verypdf.wmf).
Is there any other setting I need to change? If this is possible, most likely, I will purchase the product.


We have checked your sample WMF file, please refer to our report at below,

CG00011204.wmf has following properties,

Width, 4320pt and 576DPI,
Height, 5760pt and 576DPI,

CG000101204_verypdf.wmf has following properties,

Width, 851pt and 99DPI,
Height, 1101pt and 100DPI,

You can set DPI to 600 on the docPrint, then you will get new WMF flie which similar with your CG00011204.wmf.



In as much as I would like it, I would prefer trying that new functionality out first before making a purchase. What I'm trying to do is replace a manual process we have here where we convert PowerPoint slides to WMF files. If you try to convert a singe slide from PowerPoint and save it as a WMF file, it will always come up with the same properties as what my sample file has (per my last e-mail). I just want to prove that if I get the new functionality then I would be able to replicate my sample file, and that there is no other "signature" embedded within the metafile docPrint creates that would make it different than the metafile PowerPoint creates. Because after creating those metafiles, I run those thru a custom application and when I use the metafiles docPrint creates, it doesn't recognize those, which is why I'm thinking other the properties need to be exactly the same or something embedded within the file tells it that it is different. I hope I make sense. Any input would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks for your message, we will try to add a "Modify DPI in WMF/EMF" command line application into the next version of docPrint Pro v5.0 product, we will let you know after this new command line application is ready, thanks for your patience.


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