“Remove Metadata” option in Advanced PDF Tools

Dear customer support,

I have the following needs and which version of software should I buy from your store.

1. I want to convert security enabled pdf file to word doc file.
2. I want to change pdf's "properties" section (meta data file) such as time created, time modified, author created, general detail and other things associated with a given pdf file so that when the receiving party reviews the pdf file I send out after modification, they see my modified metadata, not the original.

Also I do have a question. If an expert in data profiling or computer savvy person opens up a pdf document that has been modified with your software, can he or she find out the trace of such modification done by using your software program?

Thanks for your quick answer to my urgent questions.
You can purchase PDF2Word from our website to convert owner password protected PDF file to editable Word document.

You can use Advanced PDF Tools to change the PDF's properties,

Sorry, these is no way to track the modification in PDF document, because PDF file can't retain the modification history, please notice this matter.

Thanks for your prompt response. I went ahead and I bought your softwares.
You sent me the link to go and download pdf to word and it works now. But you didn't send me the download link for advanced tool. So I went to your website and downloaded it myself and registered using above key. However, I cannot seem to make changes on pdf file using your "advanced PDF tool" software. I opened a pdf file using your GUI interface, and I input and changed title, author, etc and saved it back. But when I open it up again, it shows the original version of "Properties" not changed ones. What is going on? Is there any phone number I can call to talk?

Please run Advanced PDF Tools GUI product, select "Remove Metadata" option in the "Optimize" tab, you will get everything work fine in Advanced PDF Tools GUI application.

remove metadata option
remove metadata option


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