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I have a question, I download your application, and i saw that you can use a command line aplication to generate a pdf from a doc. But I can't generate it with the following permissions:

-s permission=4 : Deny printing
-s permission=8 : Deny modification of contents
-s permission=16 : Deny copying of contents
-s permission=32 : No commenting

This is the current command that I′m throwing to the aplication:

doc2pdf.exe -s permission=0 -s keylen=2 -s permission=4 -s permission=16 -i "C:\HelloWorld.doc" -o "C:\Test21.pdf"

When I open the generated pdf the only permission that could be applicated is the "Deny copying of contents", I want to know if this application can support the combination of this permissions, because if I used the "docPrint Document Converter" application it work′s fine.
You can add these permissions together, for example, you can run following command line to try again,

doc2pdf.exe -s permission=20 -s keylen=2 -s ownerpwd=456 -i "C:\HelloWorld.doc" -o "C:\Test21.pdf"

Thanks for your reply.

But when I want to "deny printing" and "deny copying of contents" it doesnt work.

This is the command im using:

doc2pdf.exe -s permission=20 -s keylen=2 -s permission=4 -s permission=16 -i "C:\Hola mundo.doc" -o "C:\prueba21.pdf"
You can only use one "-s permission" parameter in one command line, for example,

doc2pdf.exe -s permission=20 -s keylen=2 -i "C:\Hola mundo.doc" -o "C:\prueba21.pdf"

if you use several "-s permission" parameters in one command line, the only last "-s permission" parameter will take effect, please notice this matter.

Thank you for your reply.

Is there another way of doing it with your application.

Can I buy the source code so i can put multiple "-s permission".
Thank you.
What i want is the following combinations.
1. Combination 1
1. -s permission=4: Deny Printing
2. -s permission=8: Deny Modificación of contents
2. Combination 2
1. -s permission=16: Deny Copying of Contents
2. -s permission=32: No commenting

Best Regards,
Thanks for your message, you can simple add these values together, for example,

>>1. Combination 1
>>1. -s permission=4: Deny Printing
>>2. -s permission=8: Deny Modificación of contents

You can use -s permission= 12 to finish above functions, for example,

doc2pdf.exe -s permission=12 -s keylen=2 -i "C:\Hola mundo.doc" -o "C:\prueba21.pdf"

>>2. Combination 2
>>1. -s permission=16: Deny Copying of Contents
>>2. -s permission=32: No commenting

You can use -s permission= 48 to finish above functions, for example,

doc2pdf.exe -s permission=48 -s keylen=2 -i "C:\Hola mundo.doc" -o "C:\prueba21.pdf"

Can you work fine with above command lines?

Is there a more complete documentation in case i need to make other combinations, because in the documentation that comes with the installer it doesnt references the permission you mention.
For the permssion options, please refer to following parameters,

-s openpwd=XXX      : set 'open password' to PDF file
-s ownerpwd=XXX     : set 'owner password' to PDF file
-s keylen=XXX       : key length (40 or 128 bit)
   -s keylen=0 :  40 bit RC4 encryption (Acrobat 3 or higher)
   -s keylen=1 : 128 bit RC4 encryption (Acrobat 5 or higher)
   -s keylen=2 : 128 bit RC4 encryption (Acrobat 6 or higher)
-s permission=XXX   : set permission to PDF file
   -s permission=0    : Encrypt the file only
   -s permission=3900 : Deny anything
   -s permission=4    : Deny printing
   -s permission=8    : Deny modification of contents
   -s permission=16   : Deny copying of contents
   -s permission=32   : No commenting
   ===128 bit encryption only -> ignored if 40 bit encryption is used
   -s permission=256  : Deny FillInFormFields
   -s permission=512  : Deny ExtractObj
   -s permission=1024 : Deny Assemble
   -s permission=2048 : Disable high res. printing
   -s permission=4096 : Do not encrypt metadata
   ===Other utility options===

You can add necessary permission together to reach your requirement, you can also run following command line in CMD window to get detailed information,

"C:\Program Files\docPrint Pro v5.0\doc2pdf.exe"

If you need any information from us, please feel free to let us know, we will assist you continue.


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