Can’t add second printer by docPrint PDF Driver

We faced one more issue:
For some users printer is not getting installed when we try to install it by using the following command: pdfconfigcmd.exe -addprinter -printer "Printer 1". It is not appeared in the Printers list and pdfconfigcmd.exe doesn't return any error codes. If we try to run this once again it believes that the printer is installed and does nothing, I see the following output:

C:\Program Files\pdfprinter>pdfconfigcmd.exe -addprinter -printer "Printer 1"
OK, found printer port.
OK, found Printer Driver 'Printer 1'.
Checking 'Printer 1' printer.
"Printer 1" printer is already installed, we will do nothing now.

But we still don't see printer in the printer list.

At the same time if I run Setup.exe - everything is fine, printer is installed and I can see and use this printer without any problems. So it seems there something different in the installation actions performed by pdfconfigcmd.exe and setup.exe. For some reason setup.exe can install the printer but pdfconfigcmd.exe cannot.

Unfortunately I cannot provide remote access to the PC where it can be replicated, it is another company, I asked them to send me setup log but it seems there nothing interesting, anyway attached it.

One more thing: all these users are located in one company, so the issue may be related to some specific privileges/rules defined for their network, but we cannot deeply investigate it because we don't have access to their network. Any way key thing here as I see we have all permissions to install printers because everything is working fine in case we are running Setup.exe, so there definitely something different in the actions performed by Setup.exe and pdfconfigcmd.exe to install the printer.

Please investigate it, and let me know if I can provide any additional information that may help.
This is a strange problem, please set outlog=Yes in the config.ini file, and run following command line with administrator privilege again,

pdfconfigcmd.exe -addprinter -printer "Printer 1"

if you still can't install printer properly, please open setup.log file, this log file contains detailed log message, we hoping this log file will helpful for you and us to find out where is wrong quickly.


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