"Can't create Console Window" problem in html2any product

It has been a long time since I last emailed you (which is good!)  but I need your help again ....

My Client shut down their server and when they restarted it and run the intranet application, when it comes to printing (and PDF creation) they get a small error window that says  "Can't create Console Window" - if they click on the OK button, it continues and works ok.

What is wrong? How can I stop the Message and need to click OK?
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you, can you please let us know what product are you using? DId you get this error everything time when you launch the product?

Sorry I forgot to mention that in the original email - the small window has html2any in the title bar.

Yes, it seems to be every time.
You can add "-hidecmd 1" parameter to disable this message box, for example,

html2any.exe -hidecmd 1 -printtospl out.spl http://www.verypdf.com
html2any.exe -hidecmd 1 -printtopdf out.pdf -ps2pdfopt "-ownerpwd owner -keylen 2 -encryption 3900" http://www.verypdf.com
html2any.exe -hidecmd 1 -printtopdf out.pdf -ps2pdfopt "-subject \"subject\" -creator \"creator\"" http://www.verypdf.com
html2any.exe -hidecmd 1 -printtopdf out.pdf -ps2pdfopt "-$ XXXXXXXXXXXX" http://www.verypdf.com

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