Enable Fast Web View with Advanced PDF Tools Command Line v3.0

i am now trying to enable fast web view on my PDF with using Advanced PDF Tools Command Line v3.0 it seems that there exists 2 parameters i can use,

1. "linearize=true"
2. "-!" "True"

in case 1,  while i put the converted output onto web server and open it within browser, the runtime error prompted for acrobat reader

in cass 2, the document doesn't show error, however, it seems that the document still can only be shown after the whole document is downloaded (the document property "fast web view" is set to "yes")

is there any problem on my document conversion?

my command line used is shown in below

pdftools -S "linearize=true" -i a.pdf -o a_out1.pdf pdftools -i a.pdf -o a_out2.pdf "-!" "True"
pdftools is not a professional software to linearize PDF file, however, we suggest you may download PDF Optimizer (PDF Linearizer) Command Line v2.0 from our website to try, PDF Optimizer (PDF Linearizer) does Enable Fast Web View to PDF files properly.

You can download PDF Optimizer from following URL,



after you download and unzip it to a folder, you can run following command line to optimize and compress your PDF file,

pdfopt.exe -mode 4 test.pdf out.pdf

we hoping PDF Optimizer will work fine to you, please download it to try.


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