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We have 2 customers that have PCL files and both have mixed pages in the files.  An example is with a 10 page file, the first 3 pages are actually duplex and would require that a blank forth page be added to the converted PDF file, then all other pages are simplexed pages.  The PDF file should be 18 pages with the correct number of blank pages to insure the wrong information is not printed on the back of the wrong pages.

Can VeryPCL handle Duplex/Simplex calls inside the PCL when creating the PDF file?
Thanks for your message, our PCL Converter can't handle " Duplex " during PCL to PDF conversion, it will simple ignore " Duplex " option which set in original PCL file.

Thanks for the email Invoice this morning, my purchasing department is working on the payment for the application.

Attached is another customer we are having the same issue with and would like to determine feasibility.  The PDF files have the Duplex pieces looking like a Simplex piece.  We would like to know if the same Custom application you quoted already will also apply?
At a glance, the BATCH2.PA.PCL file is no difference compare to your other PCL files, however, I can't give you an exact answer now, we will try to work on your first PCL files first, after first PCL files are work properly, we will work on your BATCH2.PA.PCL file again, if we found any difference, I will let you know.

Also, just to confirm the page arrangement in output PDF file, for the 65434.pcl file, the 65434.pcl file contains following pages,

Page 1 is "Front",
Page 2 is "Back",
Page 3 is "Front",
Page 4 is "Front",
Page 5 is "Front",
Page 6 is "Front",
Page 7 is "Front",
Page 8 is "Back",
Page 9 is "Front",

Can you please kindly let us know what is the page order in the output PDF file?

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