PCL to PDF Converter SDK Trial License

We are looking into purchasing the PCL Converter product / imbedded SDK
but cannot test if the functionality is going to be workable for our
Thanks for your message, you can download our PCL Converter SDK product
from following page to try,



you can use trial version of PCL Converter SDK to convert PCL file to
PDF file easily, if you encounter any problem with it, please feel free
to let us know, we will assist you asap.

The problem with that is the message box that comes up and the watermark
that gets created. We're going to be processing a large number of files,
and with that box we can't tell if it will be fast enough to work in a
reasonable amount of time.

Is there anyway to get a trial license that removes this temporarily?
Thanks for your message, but we haven't a temporary License Key to
disable the demo watermark and messagebox, these limitations are exist in
demo version only, after you purchased it, these limitations will be
removed automatically, please understand.

You can test the trial version without any problem, the trial version is
just popup a demo messagebox and add a watermark into output PDF file,
they are just minor limitations, these limtiations will be removed after
you purchased it.

However, if we can be of any other assistance, please feel free to let us

We have completed those tests, but the polyp takes some time and has to be
acknowledged each time. As I said we have a high volume of files to create
in batch and thus the popup won't allow us to create a proof of concept.

If there is anyway to just remove the popup and keep the watermark, we would
be able to test it and then could purchase it to remove the watermark.

If you can help with this test, even of it is on a temporary (1 or 2 day)
license then we may be able to purchase the product. Otherwise we will have
to find a different PCL to PDF vendor to use.

Ok, thanks for the information.

But I'm confused. If the SDK doesn't include source code, but a source code change is required to avoid the pop-up, how will we be able to solve the problem that you say you cannot solve unless you re-compile?  If the answer is that the license key allows the software to operate without the pop-up, may we request a "temporary" license that allows us to test the speed of the call to the dll on our hardware platform without having the pop-up, which prevents us from accurately timing the function call to ensure that the performance will meet the requirements of our customer?  We believe it will be ok, and we want to purchase the product, but the customer has insisted on performance testing for a large number of files.

Another question is how the license file is distributed.  If we include a call to this dll in our software, what license, if any, do we need to distribute to our customer?

Thank you very much for your reply.

Please refer to following code, after you purchased the PCL Converter SDK, you will receive a license key, please use your license to replace XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX at below, then popup dialog will disappear,

Private Declare Function VeryPDFPCLConverter Lib "pcltoolsdk.dll" (ByVal strCommandLine As String) As Long

Private Sub PCL2PDF_Click()
Dim nRet As Long
Dim strCmd As String
Dim strInPCL As String
Dim strOutPDF As String
strInPCL = App.Path & "\test.pcl"
strOutPDF = App.Path & "\test.pcl.pdf"
strCmd = strCmd & " """ & strInPCL & """"
strCmd = strCmd & " """ & strOutPDF & """"
nRet = VeryPDFPCLConverter(strCmd)
'MsgBox (Str(nRet))
End Sub

We haven't a "temporary" license key. We will send a license key to you only after you purchased it, please understand.

You need embed your license key into your source code, compile it into EXE, then you can distribute your EXE and our PCL Converter SDK to your customers.

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