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I have attached a 2 page portion of one of our production pcl files and its resulting pdf. The VeryPDF PCL Converter [VeryPDF] produces a perfectly formatted PDF but it is all graphic, there is no searchable content.

Our PCL has embedded fonts and VeryPDF correctly rendered the embedded fonts.

The original file is ASCII with clearly readable text.

Seems like our file should be easily converted to a searchable PDF but it does not.

We would be able to modify our PCL to make VeryPDF work if we knew what the issue is. We see VeryPDF works for other sample PCL files. If we are able to get VeryPDF to produce text searchable PDFs we will almost certainly purchase 6 licenses for our current project.

I can see why this might have been a design decision since in theory using embedded fonts you might never really know that ascii 65 was printing something that looked like an "A", but companies that generate PCL do so using standard character sets, the content of our PCL is human readable. One would think you would want this to be an option for an otherwise perfect PCL to PDF renderer.

Thank you for identifying the issue, we will continue searching for a solution suitable to our needs.
The current version of PCL Converter does render embedded fonts to outline characters automatically, it can't render embedded fonts to searchable PDF file.

Thanks for your help, creating this text as a printer font worked correctly after we made some minor tweeks to the font style.

Thank you for your message, if we can be of any other assistance, please feel free to let us know.


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