Pdfpg.exe doesn’t support *.pdf wildcard characters

I have pdf split-merge v3 working properly on one computer, but am trying to setup on another and having problems.  I have three licenses purchased, so hopefully that’s not at issue here.

I have installed the product, entered the registration code into the graphical interface.

I then run the pdfpg program from the command line:

Pdfpg mergeform f:\apps\am\batch\*.pdf f:\apps\am\batch\out.pdf

This command works on my test machine.  However, on the 2nd machine, it hesitates for half a second (or not at all) and simply returns to the command line without showing any progress or doing anything.
Pdfpg.exe doesn't support *.pdf wildcard characters, but you can use following two command lines to try again,

Dir f:\apps\am\batch\*.pdf /s/b > files.txt

Pdfpg files.txt f:\apps\am\batch\out.pdf

We hoping above two command lines will work fine to you.

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