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doc2any.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXX -useprinter "test.doc” "test.pdf”
We recently puchased the software for conversion of Word-docs to PDF (Doc to ALL) with the command-line.
We are however disappointed regarding the performance of the conversion.
It takes about 5 sec to convert a Word-doc (1 page) to a PDF.
That’s way too long!
Is there a way to do this (much) faster?
We use the command-line below and the Word-doc enclosed.
Is has to be much faster, otherwise we can’t use the tool…
Hope to hear from you soon.
What version of MS Word installed in your system? Just for checking, can you work faster without “-useprinter” parameter?

doc2any.exe -useprinter -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXX "test.doc” "test.pdf”

We use Office 2003.
I tried your  doc2any.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXX "test.doc” "test.pdf” and the system responded with this message.
Installing Microsoft Works Converter gave problems with corrupted PDF.

I also tried doc2any.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXX –useoffice 0 “test.doc” "test.pdf”.

The result is not OK, the image ‘ABC’ is not visible in the pdf and it took 5 seconds to make the pdf file.

Do you have other suggestions to fix this (performance)problems?
We haven’t do more test for the Microsoft Works Converter product, you should better install MS Word 2003, 2007 or 2010 in order to convert MS Office documents to PDF files, e.g.,

doc2any.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXX -useoffice 1 “test.doc” "test.pdf”

if you still can’t get it work properly, please create a remote desktop account on your test machine, after we logged into your test machine, we will research this problem for you asap.


We use Word 2003, so that shouldn’t be the problem.
We also tried your command-line with the other parameter.

The result is still that is takes about 5 sec to convert 1 single Word page into a PDF.

Can you indicate what your performance is?

Unfortunately we can’t share our PC’s or servers…
Yes, it is need about 5 seconds to convert one DOC file to PDF file, this is normal.

If you wish improve the speed, we suggest you may install MS Office 2007 + PDF&XPS addon or MS Office 2010 product to your system, then you can run following command line to convert your DOC file to PDF file, the conversion can be done within one second per document,

doc2any.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXX "test.doc" "test.pdf"


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