text to pdf converter, Problem appending to an existing file.

I'm trying to process two text files into a single pdf file and am using
the Overwrite or append option parameter "-pap" but it does not appear
to work.
Never mind my last message.

I had version 1.5 which did not recognize the "-pap" option. I downloaded version 2.2 and it works fine.

One more thing,

I was hoping I could use one text file to provide a header (different size and color of font) for the next file. The -pap works but it makes a document with two complete full pages whereas I am only looking to have perhaps two lines of blue print and then the next text file as black print.

Thank You,
I'm sorry, it's late (12:34am cst) and I'm not seeing things right.

I am not having any luck appending to an existing file.

The commands I am using are:

Command 1:     TxtToPDF.exe lontest-part-a.txt lontestx.pdf
(Works fine and the data in file "lontest-part-a.txt" is in the output file "lontestx.pdf"

Command 2:    TxtToPDF.exe lontest-part-b.txt lontestx.pdf -pap
(output file "lontestx.pdf" only contains the data in file "lontest-part-b.txt"

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks for your message, we will check this problem and include a fix for it into the next version of text2pdf product, thanks for your patience.

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