Use htmltools to merge PDF files into one PDF file

I just downloaded the trial version of VeryPDF Split-Merge v3.0. Did a quick test of merging two pdfs. The resulting combined pdf had the correct # of pages, but every page was blank except for the red watermark which VeryPDF applied at the bottom of each page. I’m attaching one of the original pdfs (the other one is essentially the same).

I tested other PDF’s, and VeryPDF merged them correctly. So there must be something unusual about my original pdfs. They are generated by SQL Server Reporting Services. But Acrobat merges them with no problem.

This looks like the perfect tool for what I need, but I want to make sure it works before purchasing.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you, we will research this problem asap.

In the meantime, you can download another product (HTML Converter Command Line) from our website to try, HTML Converter Command Line can merge PDF files too,

VeryPDF HTML Converter can convert HTML files and web pages to PDF files, however, it can split and merge PDF files too, for example,

htmltools.exe  -burstpdf  "C:\201809.pdf"  "C:\out"
htmltools.exe  -mergepdf  "C:\001.pdf|C:\002.pdf|C:\003.pdf"  "C:\out.pdf"
htmltools.exe  -mergepdf  "C:\test\*.pdf"  "C:\out.pdf"

if your PDF file contains a password, you can deliver this password to htmltools.exe by "-openpwd" parameter,

htmltools.exe -mergepdf "D:\withpassword.pdf|D:\1.pdf" -openpwd "toto" D:\temp\out.pdf

If you wish merge lots of PDF files (more than 1000 PDF files) into one PDF file, please refer to following steps,

1. Please use following command line to get a txt file for all of your PDF files,

dir C:\mem2*.pdf /s/b > C:\file.txt

2. You can adjust the file's order in C:\file.txt file if necessary,

3. Please run following command line to do the batch merging.

htmltools.exe -mergepdf C:\file.txt C:\out.pdf

4. OK, you can merge all of these PDF files into one PDF file now.

htmltools.exe does split and merge your PDF files quickly, it can also compress the generated PDF files automatically during processing, we suggest you may download it from our website to try.

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