What is PCL3GUI format?

Does anybody know, what is the difference between PCL3GUI and normal PCL3? I’ve searched everywhere in Web, but did not found the details about PCL3GUI Technical Reference and “Command Set” list. So far as I know, PCL3GUI is for bitmap data only but use different compression methods to compress the bitmap data, bitmap headers or something else, PCL3GUI is an extended format to PCL3, but what is the extension to the PCL3? Anybody can tell me?
PCL3GUI is utilized on HP PHOTOSMART and a few DESKJET drivers. The large distinction is mode 10 compression of images. This is line by line compares with the capacity to jink left and right a few pixels.

VeryPDF company has technology to convert documents to PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL-XL and PCL3GUI formats.

Differences between PCL 5/6 and PCL 3
PCL 5/ 6 PCL 3
1 Prints complex graphical images in standard memory To print out some graphical data, the printer needs a faster image processing printer language like PCL3GUI or High Performance Architecture.
2 Object-based language used to describe images. Many objects such as squares, rectangles, lines, arcs, circles and etc can be defined by object-based language. Benefit: For these objects, the image can be described using less data than the corresponding pixel description used in PCL3GUI. Pixel-based printer language that primarily describes images by pixel. For the same objects like square, rectangles, etc, more data is required. Although bitmaps and other complicated picture type objects use object based language, they are still described in pixels because of their complexity.
3 PCL 5/6 supports downloadable fonts as well as scalable fonts. It also has better capability to rasterize the image compared to the GL2 driver. Does not support downloadable or scalable fonts
4 Conversion time from EMF to the PCL5/6 object data is less. This reduces the CPU time required. Users have all of the resources of the computer available to them more quickly after starting a print job. For most EMF object and images, it takes more Central Processing Unit (CPU) bandwidth to convert the EMF to the PCL3GUI pixel data.
5 PCL5/6 printers need more printer memory or at times printer hard disk to rasterize the fonts/images in printer instead of computer system. The PCL3GUI driver, in general, will use more memory on the computer than the PCL5/6 drivers when creating the RAW data files. PCL3GUI printers appear as a less expensive overall printing solution as the initial purchase price is usually less compared to the PCL5/6 printers. This is because they require less memory RAM and less processing power on each printer.
6 In a network environment, a print server can efficiently control more PCL5/6 printers than PCL3GUI printers. Generally, PCL5/6 printers with higher print speed are for network-enabled printers When using a client/server use model where print jobs are sent from the client to the server and formatted on the server, the more the users share a fixed bunch of personal printers networked together using the same server, the slower the performance.
PCL3 is in fact a subset of PCL3GUI. You can find numerous variations of PCL3, PCL3c, PCL3c+, PCL3e, and so on. HP does not supply developers with the complete technical specifications of their printers like they did in the previous. And, you may locate numerous versions of PCL3GUI.HP normally mislabels there emulations. They are planning to say “PCL3” in revenue literature and “PCL3GUI” in technical literature. They even have a new printer that is “PCL5” or “PCL5e” (depending on which item or literature you read. But, the emulation around the printer isn’t FROM HP, but a 3rd part. And, it doesn’t emulate PCL5/5e the best way HP printers did.

In the event you would prefer to learn the details, please directly contact me at support@verypdf.com. We’ve software to process PCL files to you, we may also provide a suitable “workaround”.

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  1. I am trying to find a way to convert a jpeg or a png to a pcl3gui

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