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I just acquired a new program of PDFcamp Printer (PDF Writer) x64 version through your website.

I was surprised of the result when I used this new version immediately. Actually, I found problems with diacritic signs and certain letters (such as “e”) which are missing in the PDF 64 file, as you can see in the attached file which is my bill. Can you tell me if it is normal, and if so what I should do? Thank you.

Please look at attached PDF file, this PDF file was created by PDFcamp Printer x64 version, everything is fine in this PDF file.

We are using Firefox to print the invoice page, what application are you using for printing? Are you using the IE?

Hi again,

Thanks for your quick answer. Two points for your information:
*    I am using IE and my software for printing
*    Your attached PDF file is actually not completely printing the right side of the table, by the page margin. I think that it is because its format is US letter and not A4 as the one I am using.

Best regards,
The PDF file that I sent to you is the A4 paper, so you need print it to A4 paper size, then you will get the margins properly.

Just for checking, can you print the HTML file from IE to PDFcamp Printer x64 version to create a PDF file correctly by manual? Is this problem appear in your software only?

Thanks for your advice,

Some new remarks:
1.    I printed an HTML file from IE to PDFcamp Printer x64 version to create a PDF file and it worked OK.
2.    I wondered at first if the trouble was not coming from the PDF software I used, a specific version that was initially installed on my new ASUS computer. I changed it for the regular Adobe Acrobat standard version and there is no problem of this kind since (for HTML files at least).
3.    As for my printer, as I just got another kind of problem with my printing head, I can’t print on paper right now, but I don’t think that the problem lies there.
4.    However, there may still be a question about IE under the 64 bytes version. In some instances, such as Java powered pages of an application like “XXXXXXXX” electronic newspaper, the printing through PDFcamp Printer x64 lead to the same kind of problem (a missing ”u” in this case). I downloaded a beta version of Flash player to use it with my browser but with no better results. Could it be Java, or the conversion to 64 which is not completely stable?
5.    I have been using PDFcamp Writer for a long time (in 32 bytes versions up to now) and it is the first time this happened. So, everything seems linked to the 64 bytes of the latest Windows programs.

What do you think about it?
I am sorry to intervene once more, but I kept making several tests today and changed somehow my mind about the reasons for the present situation:
*    Most current format files, such as Word, work OK with PDFcamp Printer x64 and older versions as usual,
*    The problem is actually concentrated on Internet Explorer, and more specifically on the HTML format file. When I convert those files into - let’s say – the RTF format, I always lose some elements and I have to make several formatting corrections in order to save them correctly. I assume it is the same when printing in PDF since the IE basis is HTML.
*    Thus, I wonder if the use of 32 or 64 bytes version of IE is that important. Converting the HTML format is still apparently the main issue….. unless you have some suggestions to offer me.

Thanks for your time,
Thanks for your message, we have updated the printer driver of PDFcamp Printer x64 version today, please download the new version from following URL to try again,


if you still have same problem, please feel free contact me via "Live Support" in our Support Center, I will assist you online asap.


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