doc2any can convert .doc and .docx to html

Your documentation claims that doc2any can convert .doc and .docx to
html, but when I run

doc2any.exe doc.doc doc.html (or htm) it tells me it doesn't
recognize the htm(l) extension.

Does it convert to html or not? If so, how?
The trial version doesn't support DOC, DOCX to HTML conversion, however, the latest version of doc2any can convert DOC, DOCX files to HTML files without any problem.

Thanks but I'm not going to buy it if I can't try it out first. Not
spending $300 for something if I don't know it works! Converting docs
to html is very important for my business.

Is there any way I can try out doc2any's doc->html?
Please download the latest version of DOC to Any Converter Command
Line Server License from following web URL, the latest version does
support DOC to HTML conversion, we hoping the latest version will
work fine to you,

the file date for doc2any.exe is today (2011-4-14), if the date of doc2any.exe in your downloaded package is not 2011-4-14, please wait a few hours and download it again, because our file hosting is need some hours to sync to all hosting over the world.

Thank you very much. That worked but not for .docx

when I try doc2any.exe 0001.doc 0001.htm it works fine but when i try
doc2any 0001.docx 0001.htm or doc2any -useoffice 1 0001.docx 0001.htm
the html file is nonsense

Am I doing something wrong or does doc2any not support docx ->  html?
This version of doc2any.exe does support DOCX to HTML conversion, what version of MS Word installed in your system? If you wish convert DOCX format to HTML file, you have to install MS Word2007 or 2010, please notice this matter.

I do have Word 2010 installed. How do I get it to work with docx? Same command line statement?
Yes, Word 2010 does support DOCX format, you can run following command line to convert DOCX file to HTML file properly,

doc2any -debug 0001.docx 0001.htm

if you can't get it work, please email to us the debug log message, after we checked the log message, we will figure out a solution to you asap.


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