How do I convert HTML to PDF from system service account?

Hello verypdf:

what I asked, in question 1, would ref the new versions, now in version 2.1 this, Regarding question No. 1. Today we are in version 2.1. even when, or even what version I have right to update this purchase?

would be without upgrades, would be for one year, or during minor version ?

Thanks for your message, the upgrade is free within one year since your purchase date, if you wish upgrade to latest version, please email to us your Order ID, we will assist you asap.

as agreed at that time we made the purchase of the product,

As I have mentioned earlier would include the possibility of non-black (ms-dos) screen appears when running the program or include a parameter for silent mode?
You can use CreateProcess() and CreatePipe() functions to hide the DOS window, please look at an example at blow,

this way I had tried, however, due to not being modal turns out errors in creation.

Please ask you to think about this possibility, or enter an application type parameter in the silent mode, would be great! This method does not present any screen, or even silent.

I await your position to further the use of the application.

purchasing the first copy performed by the site yesterday.
Thanks for your message, can you please create a test project to show your problem to us? After we reproduced your problem in our system, we will figure out a solution to you asap.


when using a user other than administrator the following error occurs:

F:\usr\htmltools>htmltools -debug -view -playemf2 -htm2pdf2 -pdfx -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXX out.PDF


Thank you for choosing our product.
htmltools -debug -view -playemf2 -htm2pdf2 -pdfx -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXX out.PDF
Start the conversion...
Create Instance Failed.
Conversion time = 453ms ==> F:\usr\htmltools\out.PDF, result=ERROR
TickCount = 453ms(0.45s), Result = 0

I need to do to solve this problem since really in our domain users can not be production managers
We suggest you may remove -htm2pdf2 parameter to try again, can you get it work from non-Admin user account without -htm2pdf2 parameter?

Yes, I need -htm2pdf2, why the conversion is perfect, and everything works normally, including the -view because we are generating reports from our system in converting that to html and pdf with VeryPDF.

You would use this parameter in non-administrative user?
certemante buy several other licenses so that the functionality is ok.
Thanks for your message, the -htm2pdf2 parameter can't be used by non-Administrator account, because non-Administrator user account hasn't enough permission to create some OCX Instances, you need run it with Administrator right to get it work.

how could I do this, have any tips?
You can use RunAs or CmdAsUser.exe to run htmltools.exe from Administrator user account, CmdAsUser.exe can be downloaded from following web page, we hoping this solution will helpful to you,

CmdAsUser - start a command as a specified user. CmdAsUser command line is a freeware. (32.40 KB).

Usage: CmdAsUser <user> <domain> [/p <password>] [/c <command>]

<user> is the name of the user.
<domain> is the logon domain, specify a period '.' for local.
<password> (optional) is the users password.
<command> (optional) is the command line to execute as the specified

If the password is not given then you will be prompted for it.
If the command is not given then "cmd" is assumed.
The calling process needs to either have administrative privileges (ie in the local administrators group) or at LEAST the following privileges:
"Act as part of the operating system" (SeTcbPrivilege),
"Bypass traverse checking" (SeChangeNotifyPrivilege),
"Increase quotas" (SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilege),
"Replace a process level token" (SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege).
The utility may take a while if there is inappropriate security so please be patient.


CmdAsUser Martyn . /p GingerNinja /c regedit CmdAsUser test . /p 123 /c "C:\Program Files\docPrintPro v4.5\doc2pdf.exe" -i htttp:// -o "C:\out.pdf"

tested with lsrunas and apparently will work correctly, it's good we're getting there!

I would like you to include a switch / silent so they do not display any screen.

something like your own install.bat, see that it is a parameter that takes any dialogue occurs in silence and operation. seeĀ  /s below:

regsvr32 /s "%CD%\htmlshell.dll"

what is necessary, then run the application whenever a message ....
thank you for choosing the product, as well as developments in converting. even using the-svgnoclip.

in the way it always flashes a black screen (of) when converting, which is unpleasant for the user.

I request special attention at this point, to collude and put the application into production.

and certainly buy several copies for installation on our customers.

You can hide the DOS window when you launch the lsrunas.exe application, you can use CreateProcess() to run lsrunas application, and use CreatePipe() to redirect output console, the DOS window will be hidden, please refer to following web pages for more information,


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