PCL to PDF Converter with Duplex Options

We are working the sample PCL files 001.pcl, 002.pcl, 003.pcl, 004.pcl files now, because these PCL files are contain too many contents, we can’t collect the command codes easily.

I have a question, is it possible for you to create two simple PCL files? Single page PCL files are enough, you can just put one character into each of these PCL files,

1. The first PCL file is contain “Duplex Long-edge binding” and “Front Side” options,
2. The second PCL file is contain “Duplex Long-edge binding” and “Back Side” options,

These two PCL files are no difference except for “Front Side” and “Back Side” options, we will compare two PCL files and try to find out what command code that “XXXXXXXXXXXXX” used to define the “Front Side” and “Back Side” options.

Sorry, I was not able to get any files from our customer.  The layout looked good earlier, it was just that the fonts were still un able to be extracted.

Thanks for your message, we needn’t more test files now, we have finished the development work.

Also, because your original PCL files are contain embedded fonts with special encoding, so it is impossible to convert these PCL files to searchable PDF files.

You can open your original PCL files in a PCL Viewer application, you can’t search any text contents in these PCL files, it is indicate these PCL files are not contain REAL characters.

If you wish search text contents in output PDF files, we suggest you may download PDF to Text OCR Command Line application from our website to try, you can use PDF to Text OCR Command Line application to convert these PDF files to text files first, then you can search text contents in text files easily.

PDF to Text OCR Command Line can be downloaded from following web page,


PDF to Text OCR Command Line is use OCR technology to convert PDF file to text file, it can extract text contents from any type of PDF files.

You can run following command line to convert Type3 fonts in PDF file to text file properly,

pdf2txtocr.exe "-$" "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" -ocr "C:\BATCH2.PA.pdf"

maybe we can use PDF to Text OCR Command Line to create a text layer under the original PDF file, this will make the PDF file searchable, but this will introduce a new project, if you are interest in this solution, please feel free to let me know.


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