PDF Editor Toolkit or Image2PDF trail testing

We are interesting in purchasing Image2PDF or the entire PDF Editor Toolkit.

Is there anyway we can try it out before we purchase?

If so, please let me know where to download and how to install the COM DLL file.

I am trying to program in VB 6.
Thanks for your message, you can download the trial version of PDF Editor Toolkit Professional Version from following URL for test purpose,


PDF Editor Toolkit Professional Version is include all functions which available in Image2PDF SDK product.

I have downloaded it. How do I install it? Do I just reference to the PDFShell module in VB?

Some example VB script or documentation would be appreciated.
I managed to reference to PDFShell and created a VB object.

But when I try to use verycreate function, it say file not found: verywrite.dll
You need compile your EXE application to the folder where verywrite.dll exist, your EXE will able to load verywrite.dll library properly.

You can also copy all DLL files to system32 or syswow64 folder, your VB EXE application will able to load DLL files properly.

i am not compiling EXE, but rather writing a VB script that is called.

In this script I can reference to the DLL file.

I did copy the DLL into system32 but when I try to reference to this DLL file, I get the error module cannot be loaded.

I try to register the DLL also and it give a similar error.

Am I doing something wrong?
Are you calling the DLL Library from VBS file directly? If yes, we suggest you may by following steps to try again,

1. Please use administrator right to run installx64.bat or installx32.bat to install DLL files and register COM interface into your system first,
2. Please go to "pdf_editor_toolkit_pro\vbs_examples" folder, you can run the VBS examples in "pdf_editor_toolkit_pro\vbs_examples" folder to execute encrypting, stamping, merging, etc. actions to your PDF files.

I am not really writing VBS... I am writing more of VB6 script.

I tried what you suggested. run the installx32.bat.

But even after that when I run the example image2pdf.vbs, i get this error:

Error: File not found: verywrite.dll.

verywrite.dll is in C:\Program Files\VeryPDF\bin and also a copy in C:\Program Files\VeryPDF\bin

I am at a lost... please help.
It seems you have done something wrong, please feel free contact me via Online Live Support from our Support Center,


I will assist you online asap.


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