PDF Extract TIFF SDK does flip the TIFF image files

I am interested in both the PDF Extract TIFF developer component and the PDF to Image Converter COM Component as the extract TIFF is faster and the Image converter is more flexible and I have different needs for both options.

Is there any discount to buy both components or must I purchase each separately?
I recently purchased the PDF Extract TIFF COM API and it works on most files I receive just fine. On some files, the Images are rotated, so I added code to detect the rotation command and fix the image.
However, for the attached PDF, the PDF indicates a 180 rotation, yet the resulting TIF is actually mirror imaged not rotated. If I manually remove the rotate command from the PDF, the image within PDF displays upside down.

It seems like the COM API has a bug with 180 rotated images in that it flips them instead of rotates them.

Can you please advise
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you, PDF Extract TIFF COM will ignore “rotate” option in PDF file, it will simple extract images from PDF file and save to TIFF files.

However, we have a PDF to Image SDK product, the PDF to Image SDK product does take care of “rotate” option in PDF file perfectly, do you wish exchange your PDF Extract TIFF COM Developer License to PDF to Image SDK Developer License? If yes, please feel free to let us know, we will arrange an exchange to you shortly, this exchange is free.

No, the other sdk is much slower to extract the page. I am taking care of rotate on most files by reading the file and rotating the extracted images as a post process.

I am curious as to why on this file with a rotate 180, the image is actually flipped not rotated. I can't find any reason for the image being flipped.
It seems this is a limitation in the current version of PDF ExtractTIFF SDK product, we will research this problem shortly.

In the meantime, you can use following sample code to extract TIFF files from this PDF file properly,

PDFExtractToTIFF_SetOptions("bQuickTIFFExtraction", "0");
pagecount = PDFExtractToTIFF("C:\\test.pdf","C:\\out.tif",1,NULL,NULL);

You can set "bQuickTIFFExtraction" to 0 to extract TIFF image from this PDF file properly.


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