PDF to Image Converter Loading Files Limitation


I have two questions regarding verypdf.

1) I have a large folder with a few thousand images.  I am unable to load all of the images at once to convert.   I have to selet about a hundred at a time to load them into the batch process list.  It ends up taking quite a long time to load all of my images this way.  Is there a way around this where I can load a thousand images all at once?

2) Do you have any command line documentation instructions?  If not, can I get the command line instructions to do the following?

Convert c:\temp to y:\temp

400 DPI

TIFF Compression Group 4

Image Bitcount: 1

Single page tiffs (not multiple page)




We suggest you may use command line to batch convert your PDF files ot image files at one time, if so, you needn’t load these PDF files into file list, this will save your time.

You can simple run following command line to batch convert all PDF files in C:\temp folder to Y:\temp folder,

for %F in (C:\temp\*.pdf) do "C:\Program Files\VeryPDF PDF2Image v2.1\pdf2img.exe" "%F" "Y:\temp\%~nF.xls"


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