PDFcamp Printer installation failure

Yesterday I purchased 'PDFcamp (pdf writer)' from your website. Unfortunately I have been unable to install it on my PC.

Instead I receive 3 different error messages.

This is what happens:

The setup-program works its way ok until it show 100 % completion (finishing setup) Then it freezes and the first error message window pop up

1.part system for printer queue ceased to work and was closed.

closing this window comes a new one

2. AddPrinter failed,error code is 1726

and next

3. AddPrinter() function failed, error code is 1802

Then the last window in the setup-program appear and tells me it has finished installing 'PDFcamp (pdf writer)' on my computer and asks me if I want to launch it.

But its nowhere to be find. The exe-file has not been installed on my computer and I cannot run the program I have purchased. The other files appear as expected in the folder.

Now I need some help to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance!


PS.I am running Windows Vista Home Premium on an HP Pavlion and use an HP Deskjet 4200 printer
"AddPrinter failed,error code is 1726" is "1726 The remote procedure call failed.  RPC_S_CALL_FAILED", we suggest you may look at following web page, the following web page will helpful to you,


you can also search " RPC_S_CALL_FAILED " in google to get more solutions.

Also, do you have another computer? If yes, we suggest you may install PDFcamp Printer to your another computer to try again, we hoping you will get it work on your another computer without any problem.


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