Problems of PDF printing

Ive been very pleased with you software. I use stamp and print,

but a couple of questions.

I use pdfprint from my program and run it via a dos command

xApuOhjPolku = '\\progress\'.

xPdfPrint = '_pdfprint\pdfprint.exe "-$" "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"'.

xPdfprint = xApuohjPolku + xPdfPrint.

xDosCMD = xPdfPrint + ' -chgbin 15 -printermargins -paper 9' + ' c:\progress\test.pdf'.


most of the time it works but with some documents it doesn’t.

for example with this one some numbers appear in a completely different position than if I print it directly from windows.

DO you have a suitable program for me.
Now I open a explorer browser from my program straight to the folder that contains the wanted pdf files.
Explorer is not good in showing previews of pdf files
What I would like to do, is to open a separate program where you would see a list of all the files and when clicking on it there would be a nice preview of the file. The possibility to do some small changes to the file would be nice. Is there a layer option in PDF files.
1). This problem maybe caused by font issue, we suggest you may add -raster2 or -useembedfont parameter to try again, these parameters may work better for you,

pdfprint.exe -raster2 C:\test.pdf
pdfprint.exe -useembedfont C:\test.pdf

2). Thanks for your message, we haven’t a PDF Preview application, I’m using Windows 7 and Acrobat 10, I can preview the PDF files in Windows Explorer easily, so I suggest you may use Windows 7 and Acrobat 10 to preview your PDF files, this can be done easily.

xDosCMD = xPdfPrint + ' -chgbin 15 -printermargins -paper 9 -useembedfont' + ' c:\progress\kuva.pdf'.

and now it seems to work, at least with this one.
Thank you for your message.


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