Question about creeping offsets in VeryPDF PDFStamp Command Line

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I’m using VeryPDF PDF Stamp Command Line product, the arguments -P6 and -MTB-17 work as anticipated for single text line watermarks.  That is, the bottom of the text is 17 points above the bottom of the page.  This is good.  However, when I do multiple line watermarks using the \n linefeed, I cannot figure out how your tool applies the offset.  The bottom of the text creeps further and further from the bottom as line count increases.  I want the bottom to stay put at 17 points from bottom of page.  See the screenshot below.  The single line is 17 point offset, but the two liner is about 20 and the three liner is about 23.  How do I control this?


A second question is, can I control the leading (the amount of space between lines) in multiple line watermarks.  Right now, multiple lines are set solid, meaning that the bottom of a g or y on one line is touching the top of capital letters on the next line.


1). You can use -MLR or -MTB parameters in VeryPDF PDF Stamp Command Line to control the position for each stamp,

[-MLRn] [-MTBn]

Offset from current position, n is an offset value, default n equal zero,

-MLRn: Move to left or right n point
-MTBn: Move to top or bottom n point

For example:

.e.g -MLR10 Move to right 10 point
.e.g -MLR-10 Move to left 10 point
.e.g -MTB10 Move to bottom 10 point
.e.g -MTB-10 Move to top 10 point

2). Sorry, VeryPDF PDF Stamp Command Line hasn't an option to control the line space at the moment.

I use the MTB values already.  The problem is that how the offset is measured changes depending on whether it is a one-line text stamp or multiple.


Are you saying that there is no way to ascertain how this calculation is done?  Must I print out examples and measure what the offset is?  Surely you can tell me what the MTB is measuring.
-MTB parameter does move the stamp up or down from current position, it seems your problem can't be solved by -MTB parameter.

-P6 parameter does calculate the postion for single line stamp or multiple lines stamp automatically, your problem is caused by -P6 parameter.

In order to solve this problem completely, I suggest you may use -P1 and -MTB parameter together, for example,

pdfstamp.exe -pdf C:\verypdf.pdf -o d:\temp\out1.pdf -at "THE BOTTOM OF MULITPLE LINE WATERMARKS \nIS NOT THE SAME AS THE BOTTOM\nOF SINGLE LINE WATERMARKS" -p1 -mtb600

pdfstamp.exe -pdf C:\verypdf.pdf -o d:\temp\out2.pdf -at "THE BOTTOM OF MULITPLE LINE WATERMARKS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE BOTTOM OF SINGLE LINE WATERMARKS" -p1 -mtb600

above two command lines will place the single line stamp and multiple lines stamps at same Y position, you can adjust the value of "-mtb" parameter to best meet your requirement.


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