Question regarding your VeryPDF PDF Editor&Viewer OCX Control v2.6 product

We were evaluating your software for our document management system. And was not sure how we would be able to fullfil one particular requirement that we have.

Our application is developed in MFC/C++. And we want to be able to display interactive pdf documents (with textboxes, checkboxes etc) inside our application. Once the user is done with the data entry, he would hit the save button in our application and we would save that pdf on the computer. This we were able to do really well using your "VeryPDF PDF Editor&Viewer OCX Control v2.6". And it works great !!!

Problem # 1:
When our pdf is loaded, the interactive fields are not automatically visible. We have to click on a button in the toolbar to enable the interactive fields.
Is there any way to programmatically enable these interactive fields?

Problem # 2:
We want to programmatically fill in some data into the interactive fields. For example, in a patient admission form, we already have the patient's name and address in our database, so we would want to fill in that data automatically for the user and then let the user change/correct it if he wants

This feature I was not able to find in any of your SDKs. Can you suggest how we can use 1 or a combination of your SDKs to get this to work in the way I want?

Thanks for your message, our "VeryPDF PDF Editor&Viewer OCX Control v2.6" can "enable these interactive fields" automatically, but it can't fill the data automatically.

However, we think our PDF Form Filler GUI OCX v3.1 will best meet your requirement, you can download PDF Form Filler GUI OCX v3.1 from following page to try,

VeryPDF PDF Form Filler GUI OCX v3.1 has "enable these interactive fields automatically" and "fill data automatically" functions, so I think it will reach your requirement. You can use PDF Form Filler GUI OCX v3.1 to import data from FDF, XFDF, XML formats, you can also export data to FDF and XML formats. PDF Form Filler GUI OCX v3.1 is depend on Adobe Reader, it is work better than "VeryPDF PDF Editor&Viewer OCX Control v2.6".


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