Questions about Docx to Image Converter Licensing

I am a .NET developer, and we are looking for 3rd party software to convert our .docx files to Image format (TIF).
We have a small shop with about 8 people doing benefits work and creating word 2007 documents for our pension members. We do most of this work through our own proprietary application. We would like to give our software the capability of converting documents. Preferably by including a DLL, rather than calling a command line/COM object.

Here are the questions we have about your software.
* If the software is being deployed as a dll within another application does that require the purchase of the Developer License?
* Would the purchase of a End User license for every user be sufficient?
* If we decided to purchase any of the licenses would they require renewal in order to be compatible with a new version of Microsoft Word?
Yes, you need to purchase the VeryDOC DOCX to Image Converter Developer License.

Yes, you can purchase the End User license for every user, that would be sufficient.

Yes, you should install the latest version of MS Word, this will make you to get better PDF files or image files from MS Word documents.

Some follow up questions...

*  If we purchase the developer license, do we also need to purchase End user licenses or will the developer license be all that is required?

*  I don't understand your answer to my third question. If Microsoft releases another version of Word, will we be required to pay more money to get an upgrade of the DOCX2Image converter? Do we have to pay to get an upgrade of your application? If yes, how much?
No, developer license does conver the end user license, after you purchased developer license, you needn't purchase end user license again.

DOCX2Image converter does support new version of MS Word automatically, you needn't purchase an upgrade version of VeryDOC DOCX2Image converter product.

However, we are also provide the upgrade service to our customers, the upgrade is free within first one year, after first year, the upgrade cost is 50% of purchase price.

I am ready to try out your DOCX2Image converter. Do you have a trial version that I can download?
Thanks for your message, DOCX to Image Converter function is included in our DOC to Any Converter product, you can download the trial version of DOC to Any Converter from following web page,

after you download and unzip it to a folder, you can run following command line to convert your DOC file to image file,

doc2any.exe -useoffice 1 -useprinter C:\test.doc C:\out.tif doc2any.exe -useoffice 1 -useprinter C:\test.doc C:\out.jpg


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