How to print PowerPoint document to PDF file?

In this article, I want to show you how to use PDFcamp Printer to convert ppt to pdf.

You may ask “why you want to convert ppt to pdf?”The answer is ppt is famous for “capricious”.When we use ppt we may find out that a same ppt will be different in different and when we print it,graphics disappear or misprint, text and labels shift position, letters vanish.So it’s necessary to convert ppt to pdf.

But the windows system itself doesn’t have the function of converting ppt to pdf.So we need to use PDFcamp Printer ,a powerful software.

    In the ppt file, click “File”—“print”.

  • In “print what”,slide is selected automatically and the color can be chosen as color,grayscale and pure white and black.

  • Set parameter in the properties according to your need.There are two choices in paper orientation,portrait or landscape.

  • Click OK, or save these settings under a new name for future use.

  • We can choose the size of the page and there are three,inches and pixel.
  • image

                             e fifth page of the new file after converting ppt to pdf

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