I have a problem with PDF Size Splitter

Bought two licenses of VeryPDF Size Splitter. However, I can't make it work.

Every time I give the command "begin split" the undercarriage system refers to the "options ..." and never makes the Division commanded.

Already tried to do everything in their manuals and nothing does next.

I request clear directions for doing the split files.

I have tried to split your PDF file by 1M file size, PDF Size Splitter does split your PDF file without any problem, please look at following screenshot,


What is the value of “Split by file size” option that you used to split the PDF file? I have test 1MB, everything is fine if I split the PDF file by 1MB.

Sorry for the insistence. But the problem is not this. The problem is that when I give the command to “split” the system throws me to the "options" screen.

Give "ok" to exit this her options and return to the home screen. I give the command again to split, again going to the options screen. It is in this vicious circle without splitting the file. (command screen, options screen, command screen, options screen ... ...)

I need to know how to get out of that circle. If there is any way to parameterize to system does not fall into this options screen. Or what should I do in those screens of options for the system does not come back anymore.

I've tried to make the Division with various sizes, 350 k, 500 k, 1 m, 2 m, 2 m etc.

Thank you
After you click “Split” button, the “Option” dialog will appear automatically, please click “OK” button to close the “Option” dialog, you will come back to the “command screen” and PDF Size Splitter software will split your PDF file automatically, “Begin Split” button is become gray at this time, after splitting is finished completely, “Begin Split” button will be enabled again.

If you still have same problem, please create a remote desktop account on your test machine, after we logged into your test machine, we will research this problem for you asap.


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