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Enhanced Metafile (EMF) is a graphics file format used for print, display on Windows Operating System. Compared with 16-bit Windows Metafile (WMF) format, 32-bit EMF is an enhanced version containing more information to provide better drawing precision. Both EMF and WMF are standard formats for scalable graphics in many Windows applications. Unfortunately, you'll have to convert them to other formats, e.g. PDF, so that you can use them across different platforms or applications.

Portable Document Format (PDF), an open standard for information exchange, is recognized by industries and organizations around the world. PDF is one of the most popular file format. It's hard to say how much information is distributed and got from PDF nowadays.

The PDF format has been a success because of its advantages:
1. Portable: Not only because of its small file size, but also the capability of self-contained, it's easy to transmit files between computers and various applications without worrying about the communication problem caused by different looks of the original sources on different screens.

2. Secure: Editing PDF files is difficult. In the circle of passing on from one person to another, the files can't be revised easily, you can also add signatures and watermarks to PDF files.

3. Accurate: PDF is just an image of your document, it looks the same on multi-screens and printers.

4. Easily created: since PDF is an open standard, any companies can build their own products to create and read PDF files.

VeryPDF provides you an all-in-one solution to convert EMF/WMF/RTF/Word Doc/HTML into PDF format. VeryPDF HTML Converter is an easy-to-use application. It allows user to convert files with graphical user interface or command line. Users can easily get started from the friendly graphical interface or call the command lines from ASP, C#, PHP etc. programs.

How to Convert a EMF file to PDF file via VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line?

Step 1: Download the latest VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line Version v2.1 to your local disk from
Step 2: Unzip the files to the path where you want to save them.
Step 3: Launch Start menu, click "Run...", input "cmd" to open a command prompt window.

(Notes: if you are using a Windows Vista system, you need to use "Run as Administrator" to launch the command prompt window.)

* Then input following commands:

cd <installation path>

htmltools.exe [options] "input-file" "output-file"<EMF-WMF-HTML-URL-RTF-file> [<PDF-PS-Image-file>]

Where [options] can be any of the following commands:

-width <int> : Set page width to PDF file
-height <int> : Set page height to PDF file
-bwidth <int> : Set web browser's width for HTML conversion
-bheight <int> : Set web browser's height for HTML conversion
-multipagetif : Create multipage TIFF format
-xres <int> : Set X resolution to image file
-yres <int> : Set Y resolution to image file
-bitcount <int> : Set color depth for image conversion
-rotate <int> : Rotate pages, 90, 180, 270
-margin <string> : Set page margin to PDF file
-margin 10 : Set margin to 10pt to left
-margin 10x10 : Set margin to 10pt to left,top
-margin 10x10x10 : Set margin to 10pt to left,top,right
-margin 10x10x10x10 : Set margin to 10pt to left,top,right,bottom
-view : View PDF file after creation
-append <int> :
-append 0: Overwrite if PDF file exists
-append 1: Insert before first page if PDF file exists
-append 2: Append to last page if PDF file exists
-append 3: Rename filename if PDF file exists


cd D:\VeryPDF

htmltools.exe D:\inputfiles\example.emf D:\outputfiles\example.pdf
htmltools.exe -bwidth 150 -bheight 150 D:\inputfiles\example.emf D:\outputfiles\example.pdf


Q. Can I use VeryPDF HTML Converter on Mac platforms?
A. No. The system requirements is Windows Platform, IE 5 or above with internet connection.

Q. May I call the VeryPDF HTML Converter command line version from a Java program?
A. Yes, you can. The VeryPDF HTML Converter command line application can be called from Java, ASP, C#, PHP, Delphi, VB, VC, .Net and COM+ etc program languages.

Q. I am browsing a web page which contains many beautiful pictures, may I save them in a PDF file?
A. Sure, The VeryPDF HTML Converter supports entire web page to PDF conversion. A multi-page PDF will be created with all the rich information.

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