the printer is blocked until the print job is manually deleted from the printer


we are interested in your PDFPrint Command Line tool (or even the SDK) to ship it with our software (DEV Licence).

So we downloaded the Free Download and tried to send two different PDFs to our LAN printer.

Everything looks fine, and the document reaches the printer (a Lexmark T632 PS3): the printer displays the pdf name on its display, the acitvity led is flashing, the printer makes sounds as it would start printing - but then there happens nothing more -> no paper comes out of the printer (and the printer is blocked until the print job is manually deleted from the printer).
I tried several options like setting the printer manually (-printer ".."), -mergeprintjobs, -scale 100, -scalex 100 -scaley 100, -useunicode 0/1, -prompt, .... the result was always the same ...

If the same pdfs were printed using the -shell option (printing via Adobe Reader) the document is printed like a charm.

Are there any more hints or tipps you can give us to get the printing working?

Kind Regards,
We suggest you may add -raster2 parameter to try again,

Pdfprint.exe -raster2 C:\test.pdf

We hoping -raster2 parameter will work better for you.

thank you very much for your quick reply.
Unfortunately, neither the -raster2 nor the -raster parameter are improving the situation.
(Even more we noticed that with the -raster2 parameter the "-prompt" paramerter is ignored/has no effect.)

Is it possible you have any other suggestions?
Can you please email to us your sample PDF file for checking? after we checked your sample PDF file, we will figure out a solution to you shortly.


we tried it with the readme.pdf deployed with your printpdf commandline tool and some other manual:

(See attached file: readme.pdf)(See attached file: MindManager_Viewer_Guide.pdf)

Both work fine if printed via Adobe Reader.

I have tried to print your PDF file in my system, everything is fine.

We suggest you may by following steps to try again,

1. please download and install docPrint Pro v5.0 from following web page,

after you installed it, please set "docPrint" to default printer.

2. run following command line to print your PDF file to default printer,

pdfprint.exe D:\temp\MindManager_Viewer_Guide.pdf

you can also specify target printer by following command line,

pdfprint.exe -printer "docPrint" D:\temp\MindManager_Viewer_Guide.pdf

Can you print your PDF file correctly by docPrint virtual printer?


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