To convert an image of emf to wmf format

The WMF (Windows MetaFile) is an image storing format on Microsoft Windows operating systems, which is dependent on the Windows Graphics Device Interface. WMF format is natively supporting the series applications of Microsoft Office. The color depth is 16-bit and digital images are stored in vector mode. EMF is an upgraded version of WMF, Enhanced MetaFile, which is a 32-bit format with more commands than WMF. As the format EMF is newer than WMF and might not support older systems or devices, you may need to convert (downgrade) an emf to wmf format for compatibility factors.

Using the VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line, it is rather easy to complete the conversion from emf to wmf. What you need to do are just installing the tool onto your Windows computer and typing these commands into your MS-DOS command prompt windows as follows:

D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe D:\htmltools\verypdf.emf D:\htmltools\verypdf.wmf,

“D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe” is for command prompt to call the tool, “D:\htmltools\verypdf.emf” indicates the file path and name of the source image, and “D:\htmltools\verypdf.wmf” specifies the path and name for storing the target converted image, with “.wmf” specifying the target format. You could take the nether snapshot as a simple guide for converting emf to wmf.


The image converted from emf to wmf does not lose the vector feature of the source image, and can be rendered sharply in zoomed-in mode (10 times the original size in this case) as shown in the following snapshot:


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