We’re trying to run image2pdf using Coldfusion’s CFX_exec tag on IIS7, Windows 2008

We are in the process of upgrading our servers.

We're trying to run image2pdf using Coldfusion's CFX_exec tag on IIS7, Windows 2008.  (We successfully have it running on IIS6.0, Windows 2003.)

We have registered via command line, but IIS is hanging as if it's prompting for the registration.

Do we need to purchase a 2nd copy for our new server (which will replace the server image2PDF is currently running on)?
Thanks for your message, yes, when you call img2pdf.exe from IIS server, the trial message box will block the IIS application, after you purchased img2pdf.exe software, this trial message box will be removed, then you can call img2pdf.exe from your ASP or PHP or other applications without any restrictions.

VeryPDF Image to PDF Converter Command Line is licensed by per server, you will need to purchase a license for each server that you want run it on.

Hi, thanks again for getting back to me.  We purchased another install today however I'm still having problems running from a webpage (runs fine from a command line).

Is img2pdf a 64-bit dll?  The reason I ask is that I'm using "cfx_exec" to run image2pdf from a coldfusion page.  "cfx_exec" is 64-bit and I don't think it works with 32-bit dlls.

On another note, have you have heard of any problems with CFEXECUTE working with your products?  I can get CFEXECUTE to run image2pdf, however the output files are always corrupt.

Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your message, you can call img2pdf.exe by cfx_exec from your webpage directly, img2pdf.exe is an EXE application, you can call it from your both 32bit and 64bit applications, you needn't worry about 32bit and 64bit applications.

Also, VeryPDF have a Image2PDF SDK DLL Library too, this DLL library is a 32bit binary format, you can only call it from 32bit application. So we suggest you may use img2pdf.exe to instead of Image2PDF SDK DLL Library, because img2pdf.exe can be called from both 32bit and 64bit EXE applications.


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