Can I convert a Faxed TIFF image to PDF file by your PDF Printer?

Faxed TIFF is a kind of image which can be transported by fax or compatible by fax.

PDFcamp Printer which can be download at can help you to convert faxed tiff file to pdf file.If you are reading this article,may you can get something useful here.

First,please open a faxed tiff file in your computer by photoshop, windows picture and fax viewer or other software.For example,you open one by windows picture and fax viewer.Please look at figure1.There is an icon on the tool bar like a printer which you need to click to run the printer driver.You also can use the hot key “Ctrl” + “P”.



Second,you will see a photo printing wizard dialog box and you should click “next” to continue your work.In next dialog box there are many images you can check,you just need to check the one or ones you want to convert.Then click “next”.Please look at figure2.



Step3.In next dialog box you need to choose current printer as PDFcamp Printer,then set the parameters by clicking on “printing preferences” button.If you don’t need to change the parameters,you can click “next” directly.please look at figure3.



Step4.Select a suitable layout format for your output pdf file in “layout selection” dialog box where contains 9 kinds of layout formats and any format can be previewed in “print preview” frame.Then you can click “next”.Please look at figure4.



Step5.Save your pdf file in “save as” dialog box.Please look at figure5.



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