Can I convert a PDF file in Norwegian to PPT format?

  With the help of PDF to PowerPoint Converter, we can convert the PDF file in Norwegian easily.

PDF file emerges as the needs require, it is a formal open standard and viewable and printable on virtually any platform, including Windows®, Mac OS, and mobile platforms such as Android™.  As to the source file quality to PDF file is trusted and reliable. However, as the number of PDF file increasing and the widely use, we find the PDF format is not almighty.  It can not take place of PowerPoint or other forms files. When we want to do classroom teaching and the content needs to be changed in each semester by teaching plan. While updating the material, they are inevitable to download some PDF file to add them in their lecture. Now the PDF to PowerPoint Converter is need. This is a little case we need the PowerPoint converter. In more area, we will need a converter from PDF file to PowerPoint.

 PDF to PowerPoint Converter is such a converter, it can convert the PDF file to PowerPoint and it nearly supports all the languages. So the Norwegian PDF is a little case for it. In order to help you solve this problem, we will download a PDF file in Norwegian for example. You can get this software here.

This is the PDF file in Norwegian. I named it “Norwegian.pdf”


  1. Add this PDF file to PDF to PowerPoint Converter. There are two ways to add files.a.add file by draging it to the blanks b, add file by clicking the button “ Add PDF Files”


                a.add file by draging


     b, add files by clicking the “Add PDF File” button.

2. Please choose the output options, reconstruction mode and converted page range on the right menu bar.

3. Snap18 This is menu is used for those PDF file whose source file has password. If yours has too, please input here. If yours do not have the password, please ignore this menu bar.

4.It is the time to convert the file  and rename it. You’d better rename it as the same name.


5.Now we will get the PPT file with the Norwegian content in a few seconds.


At last, we can get that PDF to PowerPoint Converter can convert the PDF file in Norwegian successfully.

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