Compress PDF files after convert image files to PDF files

Hi, i have a small question about image2pdf.
I’ve tried using the trial version.
If I choose a “default” resolution, I get a poor quality pdf.
If a use a 300 dpi resolution, the quality is the right one, but the image is too small so that I need to use a 300% zoom to view pages in the right way.

Is it due to the resolution of the image or what else?
Thank You
Hi, attached to this message you can find 5 original images and a 300dpi pdf.
I would like to preserve the dimension of the pictures inside the pdf.
Resolution could not be less than 300 dpi.

I’m checkin’out this demo version in order to complete my purchase.
We noticed your JPG files are 72DPI, please look at attached PDF file, this PDF file was created at 72DPI, will this PDF file reach your requirement?

Finally I’ve bought Image2PDF.

I have a very strange behaviour.
I’m making a pdf file from a folder containing about 800 images.
Usually I get a 71Mb pdf file.

But, using 100dpi and image processing both checked, I was able to get a 35Mb file. Perfect for me, but I’m not able to replicate this situation.
I’ve controlled the 35Mb file more than one time and it is perfect (with the advertising stripes while in demo mode).
So, how is it possible (I know it may seems a stupid question….)?

Thank You
What is the format of your input image files? If input format is TIFF format, our Image2PDF product will compress these TIFF files automatically during conversion. However, if input format is JPEG format, Image2PDF product can’t compress the JPEG files again.

If you wish reduce the file size, we suggest you may use other Image Editor application to reduce the image files’ width and height, for example, if original image’s width and height are 2000x3000, you may reduce them to 1000x1500 pixel, this will reduce the output PDF file size a lot.

You can also try to re-compress the PDF file size by VeryDOC PDF Compressor product, VeryDOC PDF Compressor can be downloaded from following web page,

for example, you can run following command line to compress PDF files quickly,

pdfcompressor.exe -ci jpg -cidown -cidownres 50 -gi jpg -gidown -gidownres 50 -mi fax -midown -midownres 50 C:\in.pdf C:\out.pdf

please refer to more options from following web page,


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One Reply to “Compress PDF files after convert image files to PDF files”

  1. Hi!
    I’m trying to use PDF Compressor, changing the “50” value shown in your example.
    If I use a value of 50 I reduce the size from 71Mb to 18Mb, but with too much loss of quality.
    If I use a value grater than 60, in example 60, I get a size of 66Mb.
    It’s there the possibility to find a middle size vallue ? How do I have to change these parameters ?
    I’m very interesting, because this product is good for my purpose.

    Thank You.
    You can also run following command line to compress your PDF file again, the following command line will use JPEG2000 and JBIG2 compression technologies to compress your PDF file, we hoping this command line will work better for you,

    pdfcompressor.exe -ci jpx -gi jpx -mi jbig2 C:\in.pdf C:\out.pdf


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