Hello, I am an editor, and sometimes I need to stamp the "APPROVED" word on some PDF files, how can I do it?

When a boss agrees with a document, she or he will stamp a seal on the document that means it’s approved. In many business a signature with several seals are necessary when a document need to be checked. Since the law was found, we have been protected by a series of evidence on which there are seals. As an editor if you can possess a kind of software that can provide these kinds of stamps, it will save your much work time. Now VeryPDF PDF Editor is useful for adding pdf approved stamp to pdf files. With it you can not only add a pdf approved stamp, but also a pdf unapproved stamp. Next is the operation.

Download VeryPDF PDF Editor at www.verypdf.com and add a pdf file to it.

In the menu find Document option and click, then choose PDF Annotation. Thus the ImageBox pops out.



At the top of ImageBox choose Stamps option in which find out the pdf approved stamp, and you can also find the pdf unapproved stamp. Then double-click it, thus it’s added.


Besides pdf approved stamp can be changed of its size, that to drag its points under Edit Comment pressed.

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